Education: Key to creating peace

Posted on Sep 22, 2014

To celebrate the International Day of Peace, Monday, September 22, Rock Valley College officially dedicated a peace pole on campus. The pole will be displayed permanently at a location to be determined. RVC Professor Emeritus Kanwal Prashar wrote a poem to commemorate the peace pole dedication.

E Education, when properly imparted, is the key to promoting peace.
D Dynamic effect it has on our character, although piece by piece.
U Utilizing our fullest potential, from any conflicts staying away.
C Cultivation of understanding is the prize, forever with us to stay.
A Alleviation of bigotry, hatred, violence, thus can be attained.
T Together, working sincerely, any adversity can be contained.
I Individual minds forging relations can overcome all obstacles.
O Open-mindedness in our dealings with all, can create miracles.
N Nurturing love, respect for all, will only enhance His Creation.
K Knowledge broadening our horizons, will bring about our salvation.
E Empathy with our fellow human beings, we must always exercise.
Y Years from now we will look back and celebrate this as a prize.
T Together we can achieve anything, if only sincerely we all try.
O Opt for uplifting everyone we must, the limit is only the sky.
P Perspectives may vary, but we can still propagate inclusion.
R Racism, sexism, ageism, etc., only lead us to believe in exclusion.
O Of course we humans are of different shapes, colors and creeds.
M Mother Earth, common base for all, and tolerance she always breeds.
O Our quest must be to seek solutions to enhance human plight.
T Total commitment to peace can help remove divisive blight.
I Inspiriting others to join in this movement, we only stand to gain.
N Non-violence, love and kindness for all, from selfishness to refrain.
G Global awareness must be raised in bringing about equality.
P Personal responsibility we must show, in erasing inequality.
E Excluding none, embracing all people, makes our world truly whole.
A Acceptance of others, not just mere tolerance, should be our goal.
C Civility! May it be with all concerned, as an ever guiding light!
E Eradication of intolerance will ensure our future to be bright.
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