50th Fridays – 1976

Posted on Mar 20, 2015


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Today’s 50th Friday covers the year 1976.


Donkey Ball

The Rock Valley College Veteran’s Club sponsored Donkey Ball on January 15, 1976, in the PEC. The games were played from the backs of trained donkeys and were claimed to be “wilder than a rodeo and funnier than a circus.” Players represented the North Park Fire Department, Winnebago County Sheriff’s Police, RVC Veterans Club, and RVC Volleyball.

 Donkey basketball

Let’s Dance (Part 1)

Russian ballet instructor Edward Caton instructed the first session of a Mid America Dance Seminar at Rock Valley College on February 11, 1976. The seminar was founded by RVC instructor Sally D. Brown in 1974. RVC’s dance studio (inside the PEC) was the site for that year’s seminar classes.

 RVC Ballet

Let’s Dance (Part 2)

RVC sponsored An Evening of Kabuki in March of 1976 in the Performing Arts Room (PAR) for a lecture and demonstration of Japanese theater and dance. Shozo Sato and Robert Higa were the stars of the night.


Special Olympics

On March 9, 1976, Rock Valley College held a Special Olympics track meet for five surrounding area teams, 150 athletes in all. Freeport, Harlem, Boone County, Sycamore, and Rockford teams were all in attendance.

Special Olympics 

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

On April 6, 1976, two former RVC softball players, Sherry and Cindy Diamond, were drafted by teams in the new Women’s Professional Softball League. Sherry, the oldest of the two, was drafted by the Chicago franchise, Cindy was drafted by the Detroit franchise. The Diamond sisters were recently inducted into the RVC Athletics Hall of Fame Class of 2014.

Diamond sisters
Sherry Diamond (left) and Cindy Diamond (right)


Nutritional events have always even been a big hit at Rock Valley College. Food-O-Rama was held in April 1976 in the Student Center featuring local speakers, food demonstrations, and more.

Landmark Moment for Women’s Athletics

May of 1976 was a big one for the North Central Community College Conference (N4C). Women’s conference competition was approved, and began in the fall of ’76. The sports included tennis and volleyball for the fall, basketball in the winter, and softball in the spring. RVC women’s sports have excelled over the years and since the NJCAA expanded to three divisions, RVC women’s teams have won nine of the college’s 14 NJCAA national championships, including the most recent third title for women’s basketball.

Ceramics Classes Popular Choice

The adult education classes were a huge success in 1976. Many local teachers and community members especially fancied the ceramics classes. The program reached its peak at 31 courses offered and held most of them at the Belvidere High School after hours.


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