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Posted on Oct 28, 2015

The RVC Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence (ATLE) is excited to welcome eight new faculty members to campus this semester. Read on for a brief introduction to each and be certain to introduce yourself to them. Their favorite coffee orders are included if you want to make their grading a bit more enjoyable!

KatieTravis Katie Travis is the newest member of the Fitness, Wellness, and Sport department. Katie earned her master of science degree in exercise science from Northern Illinois University. She is also a certified personal trainer. Katie will be teaching primarily First Aid, General Safety, and CPR, Personal Fitness and Wellness, and fitness and health courses for the FWS department.

Favorite spot on campus: The fountain in the creek.

Coffee order: Extra caffeine coffee with almond milk



Lisa Lanis is the newest member of the Dental Hygeine program. Lisa earned an associate degree in dental hygiene, bachelor degree in health care management from Southern Illinois University, and a masters in education from the University of Illinois. She holds a CPR certification, local anesthetic certification, and nitrous oxide certification.

Favorite Spot on Campus: Starlight Theatre

Coffee Order: Café mocha and pumpkin spice latte in the fall


ElizabethMeenaElizabeth Meena, a graduate of Rock Valley College, is one of two new members of the Math department. She has always been very familiar with Rock Valley College, as her father recently retired from the college after serving as a chemistry instructor for 30 years. Having recently received a master of science in mathematics from Northern Illinois University, Elizabeth is thrilled to be returning to Rock Valley College.

Favorite Spot on Campus: In front of the fractal tree art on the ground floor of the JCSM

Coffee Order: Meg’s vanilla chai tea


John Coburn is one of two new member of the Math department. John has been a Professor of Mathematics at St. Louis Community College (STLCC) for the last 25 years. During his tenure there, he received numerous nominations as an Outstanding Instructor by the local chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, was recognized as a master teacher by Eastern Illinois University in 2003, and in 2004 was voted Post-Secondary Teacher of the Year by the Mathematical Educators of Greater St. Louis (MEGSL). He is also a textbook author, with seven titles currently published by McGraw-Hill.

Favorite Spot on Campus: In the Math Lab with students

Coffee Order: Coke


Elroy Hilbert is one of two new members of the Aviation Maintenance program. Elroy has a diverse aviation background from having grown up with a father who was an airline pilot and had a private airstrip on the farm where they lived. Elroy is a member of a local Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) chapter and owns his own aircraft. He is a graduate of Rock Valley College’s Aviation Maintenance Technology Program and was most recently employed by Woodward for the past 13 years.

Favorite Spot on Campus: Aviation Career Education Center

Coffee Order: Black

Denise Anderson

Denise Anderson is one of two new members of the MET department. Denise was a Mechanical Engineer at Woodward for 18 years. She discovered an interest in teaching as she tutored high school students. Ms. Anderson completed a master’s degree in teaching at Rockford University.

Favorite Spot on Campus: On a bench by the creek

Coffee Order: None (how she gets her grading done, we can’t imagine)


LucasGreenleeLucas Greenlee is one of two new members of the MET department. Lucas comes to Rock Valley College from United Technologies Aerospace Systems where he was a Mechanical Test Equipment Engineer for the last 11 years.  Lucas has a master of science degree in mechanical engineering from Northern Illinois University, where he also received a bachelor degree in the same field. His designs and systems have tested hardware that flew on Space Shuttle missions and are now testing the auxiliary power units and hydraulic systems that will guide the Space Launch System into Earth orbit and beyond.

Favorite Spot on Campus: CIM Lab

Coffee Order: Decaf, Black

ToddDailingTodd Dailing is one of two new members of the Aviation Maintenance program. Todd is a veteran of the United States Air Force and Rock Valley College, where he earned an associate in small business management. Over the past 30 years, Mr. Dailing acquired varied aviation experience as an aviation maintenance mechanic, technical representative, and training instructor with major airlines, regional carriers, general aviation and manufacturing. He is an FAA Certified Private Pilot (15 years) with FAA certifications in airframe and powerplant, inspection authorization (18 years).

Favorite Spot on Campus: Aviation Career Education Center

Coffee Order: Cuban coffee

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