RVC Faculty help fund robotics computer for area high school

Posted on Feb 2, 2016

Rockford’s Jefferson High School’s robotics team found itself in a dilemma.  The robotics league that they belong to has changed the method used to control the robot.  This new method is cutting-edge, and allows the students to control the robot by developing applications that work with Android cellphones.

As excited as the Jefferson Robotics Team was to learn this new technology, they lacked the equipment necessary to use the new software.  They needed a laptop computer that didn’t run the school district’s protective software–software that conflicts with the program needed for the robot.  They also lacked the money needed to acquire the equipment.

So, in 2016, what does a high school robotics team when they need money?  They start a GoFundMe campaign.

Armed with a modest goal of $1,000 which would, allow them to purchase a laptop that meets the necessary specifications, they made some promises

This will allow us to program our robot, so we can go out and kick some butt!

The money will be used only for the robotics team and won’t be used for anything but to help our team get the computer we need to program our robot for competitions.

Three weeks into the campaign, they had received nine donations, but were still short of their goal.

Until faculty at Rock Valley College donated the last $500 they needed.

RVC Faculty Association President Michael Youngblood said the faculty were more than happy to assist such a worthwhile project and, “We hope to find other opportunities like this to reach out and help high school students make connections with RVC.”

RVC’s donation was submitted with the message:

“This donation comes from the entire faculty at Rock Valley College. We hope to see some of you in our robotics classes!”

And, was enthusiastically received by the robotics team, who already have big plans for next season:

Thank you so much to everyone for your support. We reached our goal. We will be getting our computer, and getting our software loaded on it as soon as we get the funding from the gofundme folks. This season is coming to an end, but we are going to kill the competition next season…especially after we get some time “tinkering” with the software to figure it out. Thanks so much to you all…


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