My Story: Sam Jaspers

Posted on Jul 26, 2016

RVC truly changed my life. Before my freshman year began, I vowed to myself that I would not try to make any friends. I continually told myself that there was no point to make friends at a two year college, and for a while I believed myself.

Right around Thanksgiving of 2014, I was encouraged by a classmate to sign up for the Alternative Spring Break Trip to Tucumcari, NM. I jokingly signed up; to my surprise and horror I actually was chosen to go! When March came around, I went on the trip knowing no one. That week of my life was the bravest I have ever been. I positively forced myself to open up a bit– once it started I could not stop. Throughout our journey, I made wonderful, life-long friends, two of which are some of my best friends. After returning back to Rock Valley College and the Rockford area, I realized that I was forever changed by the Alternative Spring Break Trip.

My new best friend from the trip suggested I run for Secretary of the Student Government Association (SGA). I agreed for some crazy reason and am so grateful that I did and that she saw my potential. For the academic year of 2015-16 I proudly and humbly served as Secretary of SGA. That year was one for the books. I was able to grow professionally, academically, and personally because of RVC’s wonderful opportunities. Being in SGA continued to help push my comfort zone and bring me even further out of my shell.

Through my leadership roles in SGA, I had the insane idea to see if I could be the speaker to introduce the Student Commencement Speaker. When I asked my advisor his thoughts, he told me to actually go for Student Commencement Speaker itself! The way he recommended it to me and had faith in me made me believe in myself just enough to have yet another crazy idea and actually apply. I told a select few people; everyone who knew me before RVC thought I was crazy. They were still picturing the quiet person I was before. Once I wrote my speech and started practicing it with the best Student Life Event Specialist ever, I began realizing how real this was. That was when I told many more people and built up my confidence and nervousness over the month. My audition date, April 20th, finally arrived and I was ready as ever. I was able to reminisce on all of the beauty and excitement that RVC brought into my life and just pour my heart and soul into my speech. To my utmost surprise, I received an email the next day saying that I was selected to be the Student Commencement Speaker. I graciously accepted and was in awe as I continued to count down until Friday the 13th. I could not believe that I was selected, out of all of the candidates, to speak to the 2016 graduating class of Rock Valley College and their family and friends.

Sam Jaspers_

Starting RVC, I could not wait for it to end and half way through I never wanted to leave. It is what you make of it. Go to RVC for the opportunities, classes, professors, advice givers, friends you will make, extra curriculars, and most importantly your education. Go to Rock Valley College and pack a lifetime of memories into your short two years there. That is how RVC can change you.


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