Competency-Based Education (C.B.E.) at RVC: An Update

Posted on Nov 15, 2016

By Mary Cline, RVC Business Instructor

Below you will find an update on the progress we are making on engaging CBE at RVC.  As you may or may not know, CBE is the acronym for Competency-Based Education; in short, we stress competencies as opposed to credit hours.

  1. We have a name:

The CBE program is called

“MyPlan@RVC: Competency-Based Pathways”



  1. We are starting to develop curriculum:

Many of you may recall seeing “the triangle” below.  The curriculum is based on the educational areas defined in each box or triangle within this triangle.  To date, I have broken down each educational area into competencies and have started breaking the competencies down into learning goals and topics.



  1. We need your help:

As we build curriculum for the various educational areas, we need your input as an expert on these areas.  In this blog, I want to reach out to you for help with this.  I’m looking for experts who can develop the learning objectives and list of topics for each learning objective for the competencies within the management function educational area.  The following is a list of competencies for which I am seeking help at this time:

  • Concepts of management
  • Human resources
  • Planning strategies
  • Leadership strategies
  • Organizing strategies
  • Control functions
  • Organizational behavior

If two or three individuals can take two or three competencies, the management function educational area will be complete and we can move on to other areas.


For those interested in learning more about CBE, I’ve included a link for your review:

Please reach out with any questions.

Mary Cline, MAcc & MS, has taught Business at RVC since 2014. 

If you would like to contribute to the ATLE Blog, please contact Mathew Oakes ( or Stephanie Wascher (, Faculty Liaisons to the ATLE.

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