Get to Know Me: Amanda Benney-Kieper

Posted on Feb 20, 2017

Welcome to our “Get to Know Me” feature for RVC employees! Today we are going to get to know Amanda Benney-Kieper.

Title: Speech Professor


Department: Speech


Tell us a little about your job at RVC.

I have the great pleasure of teaching Fundamentals of Communication (Sph 131), Interpersonal Communication(Sph 201), and Leadership Development (HUM 250) at Rock Valley College. I also have served as a Personal Development Counselor for Student Services over the last few years.


What inspires you?

I am inspired by people. The human spirit is capable of having a profound impact on others. I am inspired by people who exemplify infectious energy and goodwill towards others. Amy Morgan-Feliciano had this spirit.


What do you like to do for fun?

I love being anywhere near water or the forest. Nature is my serenity. Hearing the sound of the ocean waves or the crackling of a fire brings me great peace.


What was your very first job?

My very first job was as a waitress at Boone County Family Restaurant. I loved that job and the people I served.


Who are your role models?

I’ve had many role models including David Ross (RVC), Michelle Rotert (RVC), and Scott Wickman (NIU). All three helped me believe in myself at a time I needed it the most.


If you are a part of any local or national clubs or boards, please share those details.

I am the advisor of RVC Students of Service (SOS). We are a peer-to-peer crisis intervention club with the goal of helping students stay in school.


Where is your favorite place to go at RVC?

My favorite place to go is near the water under the bridge connecting to the Student Center.


What is your favorite quote or words to live by?

What you focus on is what you become.


What is the best advice you have ever received?

Choose the opportunity that gives you MORE opportunities.


What’s the last good book you’ve read?

Three Sisters


What’s the last good movie you have seen?

Snow Angels


What is your favorite TV show to binge watch?

Big Bang Theory


Who is your favorite musician, group or band?

George Strait


What is your favorite thing to eat?

Chocolate cake or pizza


Where do you like to go or what do you like to do when you have a long weekend?

I love going to Lake Geneva for the weekend.


What might surprise people to learn about you?

I suffer from panic disorder.


Finish this sentence: “There is no limit to…”

the amount of passion I have for people trying to better themselves and find ways to live with more peace.


What has been your biggest personal challenge?

Managing panic disorder


What’s the next big thing coming up in your life that you are looking forward to?

Well, I just married my best friend and blended our families… So, I’m going to live in this space for awhile and let the future take care of itself.

Amanda Benney

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