My Story: Ashley Fluegel

Posted on Oct 18, 2017

I was a typical overachieving Honors student at Belvidere North High School when I learned about the Running Start program at RVC. In high school I was labeled a quiet, smart, and shy student. I was in band and choir, and participated in musicals and marching band. I never spoke up during class, and I quietly got my homework done before school was over and had a very small group of two friends and my twin sister.

Rock Valley College changed how I saw myself–instead of feeling incapable of speaking up in class, I was treated as someone who had something important to say.

Whereas before I felt almost invisible, my professors and classmates at Rock Valley, as well as my school counselor, all encouraged me to form my own opinions and to share them. I realized that I did have a lot to say, and that I could influence the learning of my classmates with my words. I also began to feel more confident in reaching out and talking with my peers. I worked in study groups and met other Running Start members who I had sat next to in classes in high school but never spoken a word to.

If it hadn’t been for this college environment of acceptance and teamwork, I never would have expanded my friend group and gotten to know so many incredible people.

The school counselor I had was very involved and invited us to come to her office anytime to talk about our day. She suggested I take Psychology, and I loved it so much it became my major.

Ashley accompanied by her siblings at her Utah State University graduation.

I have now graduated in Psychology at Utah State University and am currently in the Masters program for School Counseling there. I work at a middle school mentoring students and running programs to increase achievement and values in the school. The confidence in speaking up that I developed while at Rock Valley helped me succeed serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints when I was 19, speaking to strangers every day and sharing articulately what I believed.

Compared to the “quiet” and “shy” student I had been before, I have now let myself grow into someone who can express themselves without fear, and without hesitation. If I had not gone to RVC and graduated with my Associates, I would definitely not be the confident and happy person I am today. Rock Valley College provided an environment of personal and educational growth, and helped me find my voice.

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