The Getting Started Center is now hiring Peer Mentors!

Posted on May 6, 2019

The Getting Started Center is now hiring Peer Mentors!

What is a Peer Mentor?  Peer Mentors are students who connect with other students on campus.  Peer Mentors share their experiences with other RVC students and help them navigate the college experience. 

What are we looking for? 

Motivated, energetic students who don’t mind talking to people they don’t know.  You might be asked to make phone calls to students, help with office tasks, deliver workshops, and anything else our office may need!

What do you get out of it? 

Aside from some extra money, you gain valuable work experience.  Our Peer Mentors gain leadership and public speaking skills.  They are able to use this job on future resumes and job and college applications.  They also meet people and feel connected to the RVC campus. 

What do our Peer Mentors like about their job?

“Meeting new people because not only can I share my experiences with them but I am always learning something new as well.” – Avery A.

“Talking to new students that are having a very stressful first semester and being able to share my experience with them and reassure them that it does get better and they will get used to it and even enjoy college.” – Louana C.

“As a worker I hear about more resources and scholarships on campus then I think I normally would.” – William H.

“Helping out with tours to share what I know to younger students.” – Jasmine A.

What skills are the Peer Mentors taking with them when they leave RVC?

“Overall, the most valuable skill that I am learning as a peer mentor is how to take my knowledge and skills and find a way to help someone else. Everyone learns differently and has different needs so this experience has been amazing in helping with “people skills” as far as learning how to reach out and connect with all types of students.” – Avery A.

“Talking to large crowds (social skills).” – Louana C.

“The ability to network, communicate, and create presentations that are educational and informational.” – William H. 

Valuable work experience and building my communication skills.” – Jasmine A.

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Questions?  Call Amanda Zika at (815) 921-4117 or email her at