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Don’t Let Great Art Pass You By

Don’t Let Great Art Pass You By

Posted on Aug 26, 2019


Don’t Let Great Art Pass You By

Have you ever wondered about the stories behind some of the unique sculptures on Rock Valley College’s campus? Maybe you have walked right by them any number of times but your head was down staring at your phone. Hey, we have all been guilty of that. Well, next time you are taking a stroll around campus, put the phone away and keep your eyes peeled for some of these distinctive pieces of artwork that call RVC home.

For his Art Appreciation classes held over the summer, Art Instructor Jeremy Foy brought some of these sculptures to his students’ attention.

“It was not until I took my students on a tour around campus that they actually stopped to look at the art and take it in,” said Foy. “Students told me that they passed these pieces everyday on the way to class and had never stopped to look at them. I told them that we pass a lot in life because of our busy schedules. I hope that stopping to see, talk about, and learn the history of these sculptures will allow them to take these moments in-between rushing to our next destination to notice our surroundings, take them in, critique them, and appreciate them.” 

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