Rock Valley College Supplemental Instruction Program

Posted on Sep 5, 2019


Rock Valley College – Supplemental Instruction Program

Guiding Students to Completion through Collaborative Learning

Rock Valley College has a new avenue for assisting at-risk students in gateway courses for CTE (Career and Technical Education) pathways.  The Supplemental Instruction Program trains students who successfully completed a CTE gateway class to facilitate collaborative study sessions.   The SI Program’s non-remedial approach to learning guides students toward completion by combining “What to Learn” with “How to Learn.” Through peer-led group study sessions outside of class, the SI Leader guides students through the most difficult course concepts. Students engage in collaborative group activities that enhance their knowledge of the course content.

Not only are current RVC students benefiting from a free and fun alternative to traditional learning, but the RVC SI Leaders are also learning important leadership skills and improving their professional writing abilities. The Supplemental Instruction Program at RVC is a “Win-Win” situation for both the SI Students and the SI Leaders.

RVC has just completed a third semester of the Supplemental Instruction Program. The SI Program at RVC has been very successful and shows an increase in retention of students in Fall 2019 who attended an SI session in Spring 2019. 

SI Supported Courses:

BIO 100 – Introductory Human Biology
CHM 120 – General Chemistry
CIS 102 – Intro Computer & Info Systems
MTH 120 – College Algebra

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