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Engaging with Assessment

Posted on Dec 4, 2019


In an effort to improve the quality of programming we provide to our students, Rock Valley College has been increasing the depth of our conversations regarding assessment.  One of the ways in which these conversations occur are at the monthly Assessment Workshops.

Twice a month, the Director of Outcomes Assessment and Institutional Research host Assessment Workshops for Career and Technical Education and Liberal Arts and Sciences.  At these workshops, faculty members collaborate on the best practices in assessing outcomes at both the program and course level.

While some assessment practices such as traditional exams and papers continue to stand the test of time, these assessment workshops also serve as a forum for faculty to discuss other opportunities for assessment such as portfolio-based grading, collaborative group projects, and other unique opportunities for authentic assessment.

Unlike usual committee meetings, these workshops aim to be hands-on opportunities for faculty members to work together to create and utilize high impact practices to capture the holistic nature of the learning taking place all over campus.

Moving forward, RVC hopes to expand these workshop to co-curricular areas of campus, aiming to honor the learning that occurs not just in the classroom but also in student services, through campus program offerings, and across campus at large.

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